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Past papers for preparation

AD, Anti Corruption Paper Held on 05-09-2015


1) Light year unit of distance 2) Cyclones are wind and rain storms 3) Who prepared Logarithmic Tables? Napier

4) How many bones are there in a newly born baby? 300 5) Which is the most abundant metal on Earth's surface? aluminum 6) Speed of light first measured by Roemer

7) Zero was invented by...Indians 8) Who invented polio vaccine? Jonas Salk 9) Who discovered blood circulation in human body? William Harvey

10) What's the best conductor of electricity? Silver 11) Speed of sound is greatest in---solids 12) Nearest planet to earth is Venus

13) Earth rotates from West to East 14) Which vitamin can be stored in liver Vitamin A 15) Food digestion takes place in Small Intestine

General Knowledge

16) "Middle East" term is used for countries situated in ---West Asia 17) Qantas airlines of Australia 18) Football(Soccer) was originated from---China

19) Martin Luther King was a --- Black US Civil Rights Activist 20) What incident formed the basis of the formation of OIC? – Burning of Al-Aqsa mosque 21) Noble Prize is awarded by country...Sweden

22) First south Asian to receive Nobel prize...Tagore 23) Which is the longest river of Asia? Yangtze 24) Nobel Prize in Economics started in which year? 1969

25) Highest water fall? Venezuela 26) Back stroke is used in --- Swimming 27) Which sport was included in 1988 Olympics after a gap of 64 years--Tennis

28) First modern Olympics were held in --- Athens 29) BRICS HQs- Shanghai 30) IDB HQs -Jeddah

Pakistan Study

31) What's the oldest regional language in Pakistan? Sindhi 32) Judicial activism in Pakistan means 33) Surface to Air Missile Anza.

34) Areas those are is rich in gypsum... 35) Oil was first discovered in Karsal after independence 36) Pakistan is a member of ---D-8

37) Capital of Gandhara civilization--Taxila 38) Pakistan institute of nuclear science and technology is located at ----Nilore 39) Ghazi Barotha dam lies in which province? Punjab

40) Doab between River Ravi and Beas? Bari Doab 41) Warsak dam is built on river ---Kabul River 42) Tenure of forces chiefs

43) Mast tawakli was the poet of ...Balochi language 44) India occupied a few parts of Siachen in year...1984 45) Who had command over seven languages..Sachal Sarmast

46) Balochistan is separated from Punjab by a mountain range named...Koh e Sulaiman 47) Sui lies in which division...Sibi division 48) Ziarat has trees---Juniper

49) Pir Panjal and Siwalik hills are part of which mountain range? Himalayas 50) Chaghi is in Rass koh range 51) River chenab and Jhelum meet at--- Trimun

52) K-2 is located in --- Karakorum Range 53) Which area is famous for SHESHAM forests in Punjab? Changa manga 54) Which is the longest river of Baluchistan? Hingol

55) Soon after independence, Pakistan joined which UN Organization? FAO 56) Who was the 1st permanent representative of Pakistan in UN? Patras 57) Who is the chief of All Parties Hurriat Conference in occupied Kashmir? Mir Vaiz Umar Farooq

58) Which was the first state which joined Pakistan? Bahawal Pur 59) Shandur pass connects..Gilgit and Chitral 60) Pakistan joined NAM in 1979 at--Havana

61) Pakistan's foreign policy during 1971-1976 has been...Bilateral 62) Sindh basin treaty ---1960 63) Salt range at west bank of Jehlum

64) Harrow and Soan are the rivers of Pothwar plateau


65) The income of a company doubles after one year. If the initial income is 4 lacs, what will be total income after 5 years? 1.28 cror 66) What fraction is second of an hour? 1/3600

67) 4 men and 2 women earn 46000 per month. If a woman earns 500 more than the earning of a man, what is the earning of a woman? 8000


68) To have an axe to grind? Personal interests 69) To cool one's heels? Keep waiting 70) In a jiffy..Without delay

71) Confident of winning 72) I will---if he comes 73) 41-Craving? Desire 74) 42-Filmsy? Fragile

75) 43-Hetarogenous? Diverse 76) 44- In Camera? Not Open 77) Per se means by itself

Islamiat 78) Zakat was made obligatory in--2 AH 79) Most number of Ahadith narrated by --Hazrat Abu Hurairah

80) Meaning of word Hajj--to intent 81) Quran Pak ki pehli manzil kis Surah par end hoti hai? Nisa 82) Ummul Momineen—Hifsa (RA)

83) First revelation—5 Ayat 84) Treaty of Hudaybiyyah ---6 AH 85) Conqueror of Egypt. Amar bi Al Aas

Urdu 86) Allama Iqbal ki nazam 'Hazrat Insan' kis kitab mai hai? Armaghan I Hijaz 87) Tipu Sultan ki wasiat kis book men hay—Zarb I Kaleem

88) Bang e Dra mai bchon k lie kitni nzmain hain? 6 89) Urdu nazam ka pehla poet kon hai? Nazir Akbarabadi 90) Bulbul Hind kis poet ko kehte hain? Wali Dakkni

91) Kis poet ka zikar Allama iqbal ki har kitab mai hai? Rumi 92) Teen Panch krna k kia meaning hai. Takrar karna 93) Harf geeri karna—Itraz karna

94) Urdu ki pehli grammer—Insha Allah Khan 95) Awara gard ki diary kis ki book hay-- Ibn I Insha 96) Why Sun sets in west and dawns from East. Earth rotates on its axis

97) Swathing Cup Table Tennis

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